Helping Ohioans Move, Expanding Choice
(HOME Choice)

Helping Ohioans Move, Expanding Choice (HOME Choice) is a program that supports people of any age who would like to transition from a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home, back into the community.  The program is managed by the Ohio Department of Medicaid HOME Choice unit and is implemented by a network of service organizations throughout the state of Ohio. 

The HOME Choice program is available to individuals who qualify for Medicaid, who have lived in a Medicaid certified facility for at least 90 consecutive days, who have been evaluated by the HOME Choice staff prior to discharge, and who are moving into qualified housing.  HOME Choice provides a variety of services such as:  case management, community transition services, transition coordination, independent living skills training, community support coaching, and other services that help qualified individuals move back into the community and stay in the community. 

If you are interested in HOME Choice services, you may contact our agency or you may visit the Ohio Department of Medicaid website.