Assisted Living

Providing Choices For Consumers

The Assisted Living Waiver Program helps Medicaid Waiver-eligible individuals to reside in an Assisted Living setting.


The Assisted Living Waiver Program is for those who may otherwise have to enter a nursing home because they need a more supportive environment. If interested, you or your loved one must first be evaluated by our professional staff, complete required documentation and begin an enrollment process.

You or a loved one may qualify if you:

  • Have resided in a residential care facility but are now out of resources
  • Are 21 years old or older at the time of enrollment 
  • Meet relevant Medicaid financial requirements
  • Need assistance with personal care

WRAAA can help determine if you are eligible. 


The Assisted Living Waiver Program enables you or your loved one to access assisted living as an alternative to nursing home placement. Individuals leaving nursing homes are eligible for a one-time allowance to help with the costs related to moving into an assisted living setting. If eligible, you may select from our list of Certified Assisted Living Waiver Residences that may meet your needs. Each location is based on availability. You can browse locations here.

Consumer Costs

Once a you're enrolled in the Assisted Living Program, there is a monthly room and board fee based on the current Social Security benefit rate. You may also be responsible for an additional fee called a liability. This is based on income and determined during the eligibility evaluation and is ongoing.

For further information, call us at 800-626-7277 or 216-621-0303 or visit the Ohio Department of Aging’s website.